Bienvenue à la Réunion

So this is just a little post to quickly fill you all in on exactly what I’m doing out here.
As I do French and Spanish I have to spend half of my third year in a French speaking country and the other half in a Spanish speaking country to practice my languages and hopefully become somewhat fluent!
So I applied to be an English teaching assistant with Comenius (an EU agency) in France and put a little side note that I’d like to be put in an overseas department of France and now here I am 🙂
Reunion is a small island east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean with a population of around 800,000 (according to Wikipedia); it is the outermost region of the EU and is part of the Eurozone so yes I am using Euros out here even though I’m technically in Africa.
It has 2 seasons: Summer and Winter. It’s currently winter now and a delightful mid-20s degrees every day with the sun shining and clear blue skies. (Summer starts on November whereupon I’m told it will get unbearably hot and rain lots). But with the rain also comes the wonderful fruit season – in December apparently loads of students skip school to go and pick lychees by the river and I think I’ll be joining them!
I will be working in 2 schools with a max of 16 hours of classes a week which is a pretty sweet deal, but more on this at another time.

Hope you’re all well, my other posts will be more interesting I promise, just thought I should fill everyone in on the basics! xx


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