Last week

I have had a crazy busy week since school broke up for the half-term holidays on Wednesday which I’ll briefly fill you all in on before I jet off to Mauritius today 🙂 I don’t work Wednesdays so really my holiday started Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday Ellen and I went and did a little bit of shopping in St Denis – where I always pretend that the pound is even stronger than the Euro just to make myself feel better about how much I spend. (Actually, a little note here about French fashion in Reunion: when I was packing to leave England I kept thinking about the stereotypical Parisian chic of French women and was so worried that I just wouldn’t look up to scratch on my year abroad. I think I have found the opposite in fact. Creole style is certainly different.. When looking in shops in St Denis I found a lot of tight fitting and rather garish clothing. I think my personal favourite item was a neon pink and black striped vest top that was made of some netted/lace fabric and had a leopard design printed on top of that. Pure class.)

Oh and I should also explain  that now in my boarding school the long-awaited other English assistant is here, her name is Ellen and we get on really well and we also have a Spanish assistant staying in the room down the hall, his name is David and he is really sweet.

So anyway that Wednesday evening we went to a French teacher’s house who is a friend of Pierre’s for drinks, which was great fun. There was Mouss, whose house it was; Régis, a maths teacher; Coralie, a teacher from Monaco and Pierre. They are all such a great laugh and I really like them.
Thursday I was meant to be go paragliding, but got confused as to where it was so ended up missing it 😦 But another time for sure! Instead I hung out with the teachers some more and ate some yummy fish. Ellen and I then travelled to the West coast, St Gilles, for the housewarming party of a couple of American assistants which involved more rum and dancing on the beach. Then Friday we were back to the Mouss’s house for a really big party with lots of other people. He made a scrummy lamb tagine with couscous and also ordered in a local ‘cari porc’ which was nice too. Ah I almost forgot to say: Régis was at the party with his troupe of African drummers which was amazing. I never knew before that teachers were so cool! And I’m not ashamed to admit that they can all certainly party harder than me.

Saturday was back to St Gilles to spend the weekend with Betty and her family and I think that Sunday was the best day of the week by far. Betty’s husband, Jean-Pierre, took us for a walk to the ‘3 bassins’ where Ellen and I swam in Bassin Aigrettes!! It was so beautiful; honestly the only thought going through my head when I’m in the middle of nature here is that it is exactly like Jurassic Park. After that little dip in the stunning blue lake we went for a climb under the waterfalls! My life is amazing here; please see the photos below to confirm this! 😉


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