New Horizon: A home away from home

Fish curry, rice and mango lassi

Fish curry, rice and mango lassi

Last week I made a presentation for my 2nd Grade class on my family and food (a topic they are studying). As I was looking through photos of me with my family I was feeling a bit blue that I wouldn’t see them for another couple of months. Then I looked up photos of Gujarati food; the starters, the mains and the yummy, sweet, delicious desserts and for the first time on my year abroad, I felt homesick. 😥 I Whatsapped my family but with the time difference of 5 hours + the fact that they’re all useless with technology I received no comfort from them. Actually I’m pretty sure they just ignored the messages. </3

Ever since I was kid, I haven’t really liked Indian food. In fact as a child I hated it, unless it was chicken curry. But being in a foreign country really makes you appreciate your home life and I have realised that I love Indian food! And that also, I should have listened to my mother when she was nagging me to learn how to cook it.

Anyway, to combat my blues I got together a group of friends and decided to visit this great, little Indian restaurant in Santiago called New Horizon! It’s a teeny tiny place with about 8 small tables and you can’t make reservations, so when I turned up with about 10 people in tow we had a bit of an issue. But after staring down some other customers and encouraging them to hurry up with their meals we managed to get a table together eventually. And it was so worth it!* I had a delicious coconut fish curry with rice which was so filling and wonderful, just what I needed! 😀 There wasn’t enough spice for me personally, but a Chilean at the other end of the table was almost in tears because of his butter chicken so I guess it’s all relative. For starters we had some samosas and chicken tikka which everyone enjoyed and then after stuffing ourselves on the mains we shared some Gulab Jamun for dessert. I was beyond happy, I was ecstatic! I think I just really needed some spice or just different flavours to the ones in Chilean cooking. Chilean food is nice, but I don’t think it’s very exciting and it’s still a while before I go back home and can taste my lovely mother’s Indian cooking.

It’s a shame that I’m not in Santiago for longer because otherwise I’d be making several trips back to that restaurant. Actually, if I were richer I’d have gone every night this week to be honest.

Also, after leaving the restaurant my coat and scarf smelt like curry for about 2 days and for once in my life I really liked it. It was really comforting 🙂

Gulab Jamun

*This restaurant is so popular that every lunch time people queue up around the corner of the street to eat here! And when we finished our meal there was a queue of people waiting outside the door.
The address is 565 Merced, near Santa Lucia for anyone in Santiago interested.


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