The end of my year abroad

I have just finished my last week of work at Redland School, Santiago and it was a crazy last week. Lots of teachers away due to illness (and an influenza passed on by Argentinian exchange students – how archaic, hey?) so I was a replacement teacher many times. As the week was so hectic I didn’t really feel like it was last one, in fact I still don’t really believe that on Monday morning I won’t be waking up at 6:30 to get ready for school. The only way I truly knew I was leaving was that there was a lot more cake this week than usual – which didn’t help with my (very lax) health drive for Machu Picchu.

Although I am sad to be leaving the school and my favourite students and the teachers, I am really excited to be travelling again! After months of being in Chile it’ll be nice to finally see incredible Patagonia that everyone talks about or the beautiful scenery in San Pedro in the North.

Also, I think I have really learnt a lot after this work placement. Not just in terms of teaching children, because that is really only the surface of it, but more about my abilities. I feel like no big business or organisation will ever be as challenging as teaching. I won’t feel as daunted by several high-up executives interviewing me than I did facing a class of kids with no materials prepared. Even giving presentations will be easier; if I can keep 30 12 year olds interested in old English history then I can present to a group of adults easily!
Being in a real work environment for nearly 5 months has certainly made me learn a lot and all I can hope is that future employers in England also see it as useful. If not I’ll be coming back to Redland to beg them for a job!

So now that the work is all over, the fun begins! 😀

Sunday I start my travels for 2 months, going from the south of Chile (Punta Arenas) up to the north (San Pedro de Atacama) and then into Bolivia and finally to Peru!

I will keep you all updated as much as possible! Xxx

PS. These are photos from some of favourite classes. The kids in Junior nearly crushed me in the photo and then when I tried to leave the school later I had a group of maybe 10 children holding onto me and pushing me back haha. It’s nice to know I’ve had such a big effect on their lives!

3A 2nd Medio 7th Grade 1st Grade



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