Punta Arenas: Winter Festival

Saturday 19th Tom and I flew from Santiago down to Punta Arenas in the far south of Chile. I already feel quite bad about my carbon footprint from travelling but in this case a flight could not be avoided. Punta Arenas isn’t actually accessible by road except through Argentina!
As we drove from the airport to the town Tom wasn’t too impressed with the desolate landscape and unimaginative architecture of the buildings. His opinion soon changed however when we went to the town’s Winter Festival that night! It was bitterly cold, but the atmosphere was great. In fact it felt a bit like Christmas or Guy Fawkes night in England. The parade went on for over 2 hours featuring floats with the Navy, Patagonian ranch owners, dinosaurs and then a slightly odd selection of people dressed as superheroes and Halloween characters. The award for bravest group of the night has to go to the Rio carnival-esque dancers who despite wearing outfits smaller than your average bikini continued smiling and dancing in below 0°C temperatures! I was wearing so many layers I couldn’t move properly and I was still cold so I have no idea how they survived!


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